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Hankies & Swatches

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Camouflage and Satiny Hankies
Hankies are 10" by 10" and will fit in your tuxedo vest pocket. Choose from our five camouflage patterns, Realtree® AP™, Advantage™ Timber®, True Timber® Outdoors XD3, CamoWest, and our Snowfall camos, True Timber® Snowfall (white) and True Timber® Snowfall Pink.

Also choose from our satiny fabrics, Black Satin, Chocolate Satin, Hot Pink, Hunter, Regal Red, Satin Pewter, and Silky White

Choose Custom if you are working with our designer on a custom order.

Camo Hankies/Swatches:  
img Advantage Timber Camouflage
img Realtree Camo
img True Timber Outdoors XD3
Advantage™ Timber®
True Timber®
Outdoors XD3
img True Timber® Snowfall 
 img True Timber® Snowfall Pink camo
img Camo West Hybrid
True Timber®
True Timber®
Snowfall Pink

Satiny Hankies/Swatches:  

img Vest and Tie avalable in Hunter img Vest and Tie available in Silky White img Vest and Tie available in Black Satin
Silky White
Black Satin
img Dark Chocolate Satin  img Satin Pewter  img Regal Red Satin 
Dark Chocolate
Satin Pewter
Regal Red
  img Satiny Hot Pink   
Hot Pink


Order swatches to use to match with your other fabrics.

3 inches square.

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