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Tie Purses

Tie Purses
Item# tiepurse

Tie Purses
New!  Tie Purses!  Great for the deer woods or delicate enough for dinner out! Perfect to carry the small items in.

  • Tie purses come in our camo fabrics, including our 5 camo patterns:  Advantage® Timber™ Camo, True Timber® Outdoors XD3, True Timber® Snowfall, CamoWest® Hybrid, and Realtree® AP™ Camo. 
  • Also available in our silky fabrics: Black Satin and Silky White (shown) and Hunter, Chocolate Satin, Satin Pewter, and Regal Red.
  • 30" strap
  • The purse is 6 inches high by 8 inches wide
  • Broche or button.  Broches or buttons are unique to each purse, and are interchangeable. You may easily swap out the broche/button with your own!
  • Elastic is around the top of the purse
  • Camo purses feature black lining
  • True Timber® Snowfall, our white camo fabric, is available in black or white lining/strap

img Advantage® Timber™ Camo Tie Purse img CamoWest® Hybrid Tie Purse
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img Realtree® AP™ Camo Tie Purse   img True Timber® Outdoors XD3 Tie Purse
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 img True Timber® Snowfall Tie Purse  img True Timber® Snowfall Tie Purse
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img Black Satin Tie Purse   img Silky White Tie Purse
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Also available in Hot Pink, Hunter, Chocolate Satin, Satin Pewter, Regal Red.


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