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Tuxedo Vest and Tie - Men's & Men's Tall

Tuxedo Vest and Tie - Men's & Men's Tall
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img True Timber XD
Camo Tuxedo Vest and Tie
True Timber® Outdoors XD3
Advantage® Timber™ Camo
CamoWest Vest & Tie set img True Timber Snowfall
CamoWest® Hybrid
True Timber® Snowfall (Click here)

Camo Tuxedo Vests and Ties
Check out our tuxedo vests and ties in 5 popular camo patterns! Advantage®  Timber camo, True Timber® Outdoors XD3 camo, CamoWest® Hybrid camo, Realtree® AP™ camo  and True Timber® Snowfall camo.

Tuxedo vest front is 100% cotton.  Vest back is solid black on REALTREE® AP™, Advantage™ Timber®, True Timber Outdoors®  XD3, and CamoWest® Hybrid camo patterns. 

True Timber® Snowfall is available in either a black or white back.

100% Polyester with covered buttons and elastic adjustable back buttonhole.

The tie has an adjustable neck clasp.

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